Today many are scared for the future and therefor political winds blow harder than the actual wind. When the world is changing and everything feels new and scary it’s easy to choose to the easiest
answers and solutions. 
Living on a ball in space is not easy, nor is getting along with everyone, but it’s life
To deal with the ones feeling like taking the easy way out I created a game-serie based on 4 classics. By removing all friction and obstacles I want people to realise that just because something demands problem solving, it’s not less fun. Actually, I want people to understand that a life without friction
and problems to solve, life is not really life at all. Nothing stops and everything changes, are truths many seem to have forgotten.
So through this game-serie I want to remind those in doubt, with irony and a touch of satire, that life is not about the fastest or easiest solution but about the exact opposite.
Because life, is 4EVER.

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